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IMSC was recommended to me by my real estate lawyer.  I was impressed with my broker’s service and experience, but skeptical when she suggested I insure my home with Germantown Mutual Insurance Company (GMIC).  GMIC has been around for a long time, but not in Utah, and I live in a small, rural community on the edge of the middle of nowhere, where circumstances don’t always fit neatly in boxes.  IMSC and GMIC worked with me to get a great policy, so I bundled my auto with GMIC also.   Two years later, my car got totaled.  GMIC made a stressful experience as easy as it could have been.  There was minimal paperwork; I could work with the same person each call; the settlement for my car’s value was very fair; and I was able to make choices every step of the way, including the option of getting an appraisal and having repairs done in a state in which GMIC doesn’t operate.  You don’t really know the quality of your insurance company until you need it.  I am very pleased with both IMSC and GMIC for their excellent value and personal customer service.