Customer Reviews

  • Quote 20

    A little background: I recently got married and switched from my parents insurance to our own plan. I was dreading making the switch and going through the hassle (and spending the time online to research) what would be the best way to do everything.

    ANYWAY – my agent at Bear River (Pamela Andersen) got me all the info I needed, including comparable quotes from other insurance providers, as well as getting my wife and I our own plan all set up within a couple minutes. I was shocked at how helpful having an actual agent was, she did all the work for me and saved me a ton of time.

    – Nephi W.

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    Amazing people, they help me get a pretty good insurance deal, recommend 10/10 thanks!

    – SHINE X Autowash

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    Always always great to work with! Agents are always prompt and helpful anytime we need policy changes! Highly recommend!

    – Trevyn W.

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    I was referred to Pamela and Janet as a new change in insurance agent. I have been incredibly happy with them. They take such good care of me and have gone over my policy and made sure it wasn’t missing anything. I would recommend them to friends and family if they need A change in insurance. They’ve been responsive with all my needs and I’m incredibly happy that I made the switch!

    – J.D.

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    I recommend these 2 wonderful ladies to everyone I come into contact with when it comes to insurance. Home, auto, life you name it. Pam and Janet are the best on planet, and they are just nice honest people. Thank you so much for your years of service and help. I wish you both the best future and success.

    – Aaron P.

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    I have been dreading finding another insurance company for my car. Going through Pamela was the best decision, I am so grateful my friend referred her to me. It was quick and painless. I will be saving nearly $90.00 a month switching from State Farm. Pamela was always very cheerful and had a smile in her voice. She was very professional, yet personable. Thank you for all your help.

    – Elizabeth K.

  • Quote 4

    IMSC was recommended to me by my real estate lawyer.  I was impressed with my broker’s service and experience, but skeptical when she suggested I insure my home with Germantown Mutual Insurance Company (GMIC).  GMIC has been around for a long time, but not in Utah, and I live in a small, rural community on the edge of the middle of nowhere, where circumstances don’t always fit neatly in boxes.  IMSC and GMIC worked with me to get a great policy, so I bundled my auto with GMIC also.   Two years later, my car got totaled.  GMIC made a stressful experience as easy as it could have been.  There was minimal paperwork; I could work with the same person each call; the settlement for my car’s value was very fair; and I was able to make choices every step of the way, including the option of getting an appraisal and having repairs done in a state in which GMIC doesn’t operate.  You don’t really know the quality of your insurance company until you need it.  I am very pleased with both IMSC and GMIC for their excellent value and personal customer service.

    – Gary L.

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    Pamela went way above and beyond what was expected when helping our granddaughter find her first car insurance policy.  Thank you to both Pamela and Janet for their excellent service.  I wish we could give 10 stars!

    – Kathryn H.

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    Hands down the most amazing insurance office I have ever dealt with. Always been there for us. Thank you!


    – Nan’l M.

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    I absolutely love these guys. Janet Noordain particular is a great agent. She’s helped our whole family out for a few years now and has made every insurance change super easy and clear to us. Plus, you can’t beat the rates. I definitely recommend.

    – Preston T.

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    I have worked with Janet for years. She does an outstanding job of taking care of her clients.

    – Jason A.

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    Janet Noorda has been an awesome advisor to me over the years. I have several policies through IMSC and whenever a question comes up, I can always count on Janet for good advice. I get direct, personal service with IMSC. I can’t imagine being a number, lost in a big company.

    – Wendy S.

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    Great and attentive service.  This is a family run agency with years of experience. Nobody wants to pay for insurance, but since we all have to have it, I’d rather give my business to people that I trust.

    – Derek J.

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    I can’t say enough good things about this company, but Janet is my favorite, She has been mine and my families agent for as long as I can remember. Her knowledge and insurance are astounding. She helped me with everything related to my homeowners and auto insurance, she’s kind, funny, and she takes the time to explain things so that I understand them, and she responds quickly.

    – Lisa D.

  • Quote 12

    Janet and IMSC are a great resource for all my insurance needs. I have worked with them for years and trust their advice and recommendations. I highly recommend!

    – Mark M.

  • Quote 13

    Outstanding service with exceptional knowledge!   I couldn’t imagine leaving my family in anyone’s care except for Janet!

    – Joy G.

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    Just sayin the customer service with Janet and her parents has been impeccable. Over the years I have 32 or so years with them, I have never once ever checked on other insurance companies for anything. I’m a lifer. Janet and her team have always been helpful with many of my endeavors.

    – Merlyn M.

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    Janet has extensive training, knowledge and experience in her industry and has helped me get the best insurance coverage for my personal situation as well as helped me understand why I need those coverages. I trust her completely!!

    – Haley B.

  • Quote 16

    I’ve had a few mishaps, happen in the past 3 or so years, and I have yet to find someone who cares about me and my family’s well-being more than my agent at IMSC Insurance. They are prompt and accurate and just overall an amazing company to deal with.

    – James B.

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    IMSC Insurance has been providing my family with insurance for over 10 years. We like the variety of different insurances (business and personal) that we have been able to choose from and the friendly professional service.

    – Julian A.

  • Quote 18

    I am so grateful for IMSC. They have been amazing to work with. Thanks Janet!

    – Jeff B.

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    Janet has been handling my insurance needs for many years and has always been very responsive and helpful. I can recommend IMSC, and Janet in particular, without reservation. Excellent insurance rates and service. If you give IMSC an opportunity to earn and keep your business, you won’t regret it.

    – Gavin W.