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Claims never seem to happen at a convenient time (i.e. holidays and weekends), so if your claim occurs after normal business hours, please follow these steps:


If it’s an emergency, first call 911. If there’s a mess, such as a flood, call a Disaster Relief company (information below), then call your agent or the carrier’s emergency number listed on our carrier page. We will get back to you on the next business day.


We have listed the direct claim’s numbers for some of the companies we represent on our carrier page. If your carrier is not listed here or you don’t know who it, call us directly at (801) 262-9002 and leave a message if it’s after hours.


24-Hour Service Disaster Cleanup Companies

If you’ve had a fire, flood or other catastrophe, call for cleanup first, then call us. We recommend the following companies:

Class One Disaster Recovery

(801) 282-3473 SLC
(435) 649-7936 Park City
(801) 373-3008 Provo/Orem



(801) 263-9100 All Areas


Paul Davis Restoration

(801) 561-4900

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